EssentialCare Fixed Indemnity

EssentialCare offers flexible, fixed indemnity insurance programs to support your client’s hourly employees, such as fixed indemnity medical, dental, vision, and Rx.

Hourly employees with access to benefits stand out in a crowd. So do their employers.
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Product Highlights

The EssentialCare fixed indemnity insurance solution can be used as a stand-alone health plan, in conjunction with a Minimum Essential Coverage Plan (MEC), or as a Supplemental Plan to major medical coverage.

Fixed indemnity medical with Rx insurance coverage

Ancillary lines such as dental and vision

Coverage for physician office visits, hospital services, surgical procedures, and more

Flexible plan design allows for customizable programs

No pre-existing condition limitations

No medical underwriting

No deductibles within the fixed indemnity medical plan

Dependent coverage for all plans

No coordination with other plans

Employer contributions not required

Key Features

No Employer Contributions Required

With no employer contributions are required, EssentialCare Fixed Indemnity is an easy way for employers to provide access to healthcare, creating a recruiting and retention advantage.

Top-rated Provider Networks

Program includes network of hospitals, physicians, and pharmacies.

Seamless Administration

Enrollment, claim payment, ID card issuance, and customer services

Online web administration tools

Flexible enrollment option with call center, Internet, IVR, and paper submissions

COBRA administration

Ideal Market

Employer/employee relationship with 100+ hourly employees

Young populations with average age under 45

High turnover and/or maximum 30-day waiting period-based populations

Industries include national restaurant franchises, hotel chains, and department stores

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