EssentialCare insurance solutions expand protection for insurance companies, brokers, agents, administrators, employers, and employees. Our suite of products includes personalized and affordable healthcare solutions, providing limited, supplemental and ancillary coverage to protect the financial wellness of healthcare consumers.

While other insurers are trying to gain a foothold in the marketplace, BCS Insurance has been filling this important need for years.

Hourly employees with access to the healthcare system stand out in a crowd. So do their employers.

Health care expenses and deductibles are rising faster than consumer wages. Solve for gaps in group coverage.

The EssentialCare limited benefit fixed indemnity medical insurance solution can be used as a stand-alone health plan, in conjunction with a Minimum Essential Coverage Plan (MEC) or as a Supplemental Plan to major medical coverage.

EssentialCare Highlights

  • No pre-existing condition limitations
  • Dependable administration
  • No medical underwriting
  • No deductibles within the fixed indemnity medical plan
  • Dependent coverage for all plans
  • No coordination with other plans
  • Employer contributions not required
  • Fixed indemnity medical with Rx insurance coverage
  • Ancillary lines such as dental and vision
  • Flexible plan design allows for customizable programs
  • Coverage for physician office visits, hospital services, surgical procedures, and more

Top-rated Provider Networks

  • First Health network of hospitals and physicians
  • Caremark network of pharmacies
  • EyeMed Vision Care network

Administrative Features

  • Enrollment, claim payment, ID card issuance, and customer services
  • Online web administration tools
  • Flexible enrollment option with call center, Internet, IVR, and paper submissions
  • COBRA administration

BCS Insurance Limited Benefit Markets

  • Employer/employee relationship with 100+ hourly employees
  • Young populations with average age under 45
  • High turnover and/or waiting period-based populations
  • Industries include national restaurant franchises, hotel chains, department stores, and staffing companies

EssentialCare Group Hospital Indemnity complements underlying major medical coverage by providing financial protection against out-of-pocket and unplanned expenses resulting from a hospital stay.

EssentialCare Group Hospital Indemnity Highlights

  • Market-leading features and most current pricing based on favorable carrier experience
  • Flexible plan designs for member life-stage needs, HSA-compatibility, and more
  • Includes up to 39 benefit types to complement current medical or supplemental coverage an employer may offer, with innovative benefits to help cover the unexpected, including mortgage and rent reimbursement, dependent adult care, pet care, transport, lodging, and second opinion benefits
  • Three- or four-tier rates available on employee pay, employer pay, or a combination of the two (employer-paid base plus employee buy-up)
  • Industry-leading support by AmWINS Group Benefits and WebTPA take the supplemental headache out of offering supplemental coverage

How does EssentialCare Group Hospital Indemnity work?

Graphic showing example of a 45 year old female

Administrative Features
Guaranteed issue, HSA-compatibility, portability options, and no network restrictions1

  • Enrollment, claim payment, billing and reconciliation, policy/certificate issue and customer service
  • Online web administration tool available
  • Flexible enrollment options and group onboarding

BCS Insurance Group Hospital Indemnity Eligibility

  • Who’s eligible? Employee only, Employee and dependent child(ren), Employee and spouse, Family
  • Participation requirements: 51+ Employees; minimum enrollment requirement varies

1Not available in all states. Coverage is guaranteed provided: 1) the employee is actively at work; and 2) the employee and all covered dependents are enrolled in a major medical health plan that meets minimum essential coverage requirements as provided under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The availability of portability varies by state and is subject to Underwriting discretion. Eligibility for portability through the Portability provision may be subject to certain eligibility requirements and limitations. For more information, contact your BCS representative.